Let’s be honest with the restaurant business, the margins can be tight and you are always looking for ways to improve quality, and the customer experience while decreasing cost to increase profit. Of course, at first glance it seems obvious that one of the first things you’d look at is the menu to increase profitability. However, adjusting the menu can also be a risky practice if it isn’t done properly. An improperly engineered menu, therefore, could even have the opposite effect that you want and…Continue Reading “Step-By-Step Guide: How To Update Your Menu To Increase Profit”

Many master roasters consider the skill of coffee roasting an intricate dance between practice, curiosity, and passion. It is a true art form that requires much more than achieving a precise roasting color shade or number. It requires full immersion into this sensory adventure. Transforming the humble green coffee bean into a delectable roast that is layered with a multitude of flavor tones like citrus, floral, sweet, or chocolate requires a master’s touch and knowledge. Most truly great roastmasters emphasize that they never really stop…Continue Reading “Three Expert Tips to Master Coffee Roasting”

Bed bugs may be the dirtiest words in the hospitality industry. These two words have the potential to send shivers of fear down the spines of hotel and resort managers and have them running to the nearest pest exterminator. But can you imagine the horror of seeing a nasty online review of bed bug infestation at your hotel? You know that one bad review with those chilling words can spread like wild fire across the internet, and has the potential to seriously damage your hotel’s…Continue Reading “Are Reviews of Bed Bugs Destroying Your Reputation?”

Is it the end of casual dining? Some may have you think so as local restaurants are feeling the pinch as more and more customers are moving away from table-service restaurants and instead choosing meal options that are fast, healthy, and convenient. If increasing sales slumps and restaurant closures are any indication of this growing trend toward fast-casual food, then casual dining is definitely in danger. What is Fast-Casual? Think healthy food meets convenience. Then add in a dash of efficiency and speed and you…Continue Reading “How Local Restaurants Can Cash in on the Fast-Casual Food Trend”

On the menu at your restaurant? Maybe it’s a decadent quinoa, roast beetroot, and macadamia salad. Or possibly a succulent roast duck breast drizzled with a plum, mango, and ginger sauce. Perhaps you are feeling adventurous and serve up a dish of saucy mobile apps or seamless online ordering. Yes, mobile apps. Digital technology is here to stay and restaurants would be wise to incorporate this into their offerings. For the first time in history, tech-savvy restaurants are beginning to bridge the gap between what…Continue Reading “Digital Dining is on the Menu”

As we welcome in the new year, new and exciting trends in the hospitality industry are already beginning to leave their mark on the Australian scene. The theme for 2018 is IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES. Here are four exciting trends that are experience-driven and will keep customers coming back for more… Food Festivals and Events – As consumers shift away from accumulating material goods and focus more on engaging in enticing experiences, food festivals will be a big hit for 2018. Foodies will get the opportunity to…Continue Reading “Food and Hospitality Trends to Watch For in 2018”

So you are the new café in town and want to make your café shine. But you are situated between a big chain coffee shop and the trendy café on the corner. What do you do to make your café stand out from the crowd? Break out of the coffee culture mold and do your own thing. Forget about the hanging lightbulbs, the arty blackboard menus, trendy couches, or the usual dried flowers in a jar. This is typical cookie-cutter stuff for most cafés. What…Continue Reading “Stand Out From the Crowd – 4 Ways to Make Your Café Shine”

With such a wide array of gloves to use in the food service industry, how do you determine which glove is right for which job? Polyethylene Gloves Polyethylene is a type of synthetic rubber that is ideal for light-duty tasks that do not require a lot of manual dexterity. They make an economical choice for food handlers as they are the least expensive of all glove types. Available in various density forms, poly gloves offer a looser fit than other gloves such as nitrile, latex,…Continue Reading “Choosing the Right Glove for Food Handlers”

Kitchen exhaust hood and ductwork systems are designed to catch cooking vapors and carry them out of the building. But what happens if these kitchen exhaust systems are heavily laden with highly flammable particulate matter and grease residue? You got it. Fire. Everything can go up in flames. Grease is the Primary Culprit How can airborne grease become a commercial kitchen’s number one enemy? The act of cooking creates a number of effluents such as grease, moisture, and smoke. When the ventilation fan is turned…Continue Reading “Getting the Grease Out – Preventing Kitchen Exhaust Fires”

Some restaurants have taken social responsibility to a whole new level. Driven By Purpose Driven by a social purpose to make the world a better place, these conscious eateries are demonstrating that you can combine social value with delicious food and end up with happy, satisfied customers as well as an enriched community. Social Activism Whether it’s mentoring Aboriginal youth, supporting environmental conservation projects, offering training programs to refugees, or bringing awareness to pay inequality, many restaurants around the country are dishing up social activism…Continue Reading “6 Mission-Driven Restaurants that Serve More than Food”