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If you own a Hospitality Business in Australia, you know that the Chai Tea Latte is now a part of Café culture here in Australia.

Origins Of The Café Movement

In trendy Cafés in places like Italia, the cafe movement has been around for as long as people can remember.

In North American culture, the Café movement began when Italian settlers came over to North America 100’s of years ago…

However in Australia, according to Martin Buggy And Melissa Edyvean, founders of Bondi Chai in Australia and this week’s guest on this first episode of the Executive Hospitality Podcast, the Café movement in Australia only really started in the 1990’s.

However, what if you didn’t drink Coffee back then? There weren’t that many options.

Martin and Melissa didn’t!

But they loved the Café experience, so what could they drink besides coffee?

Martin and Melissa visited many Cafés around the world, like in time square, around the same time the ball dropped for New Years in 2000, they discovered Chai Tea Lattes as an alternative to coffee and they wondered if it was available in Australia, it wasn’t! That’s when it all started.

15 Years Later…

Fast forward, 15 years later Martin and Melissa are supplying distributors, Cafés, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in the Hospitality sector in Australia with their product Bondi Chai, of course, named after the popular beach destination in Australia.

How do you market an innovative product, build an innovative company, and help inspire a cafe movement for an entire nation? Listen to our interview with Martin and Melissa on how they’ve done just this and how you can to on podcast episode one “Inspiring Local Cafe Culture.”

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