Suprise! Food Inspection Surprise food inspections are the epitome of a restaurant manager’s worst nightmare. This is usually make-it or break-it time. If you aren’t adequately prepared then it is usually the latter. Imagine the consequences. Failing grades about your restaurant’s food safety program posted at the entrance for all customers to see when they visit. Fines Or Violations Major fines or violations costing you tens of thousands of dollars. Or even worse, the shutdown of your restaurant. Of course, there is the well-being of…Continue Reading “Four Practices Restaurant Managers Can Do to Prepare for Surprise Food Inspections”

Rise Of Tea The rise of tea houses around the world has seen a dramatic growth over the past few years. With the global availability of specialty teas and the demand for healthier hot beverages, tea rooms have been popping up all around the world. Australia is no different. After taking a back seat to coffee for quite some time, tea is rising in popularity once again. Fashionable tea rooms are coming onto the scene and offering specialty and artisanal teas to the curious and…Continue Reading “Favorite Tea Houses in Australia”

Are you opening up a new restaurant and looking for ways to lighten your load financially? Then consider the possibility of leasing your commercial kitchen equipment. If you are working within a limited budget, outfitting your kitchen with leased equipment may make the most sense and can save you loads of money during the initial start-up phase. It may also be the best decision for your restaurant’s future. The Upside of Leasing Initial cost savings Buying new kitchen equipment can be a very expensive endeavour….Continue Reading “Why Leasing Restaurant Equipment May Be a Wiser Choice”

Indigenous Ingredients Indigenous ingredients are going mainstream in Australia. Lemon myrtle, quandong, muntries, saltbush, and warrigal are just some of the native foods that are being embraced by the country’s leading chefs and transformed into culinary creations. Bush tucker, or wild food, is definitely on the menu. Aboriginal people were the first to subsist on native foods and thrived on over 5,000 local food species for thousands of years before the European settlers arrived in Australia. The revival of indigenous ingredients is due in part…Continue Reading “Is Bush Food on the Menu?”

Is the air at your hotel hazardous to your guest’s health? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the air you breathe indoors can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air you breathe outside. In a confined hotel room, this level of pollution can even be higher. Contaminants In The Air Air-borne contaminants such as mold, mildew, dust, smoke, and other contaminants are physically trapped within your guest rooms and pose a real threat to your customers, especially ones with allergies or…Continue Reading “Five Reasons You Need To Clean Up Air Quality In Your Hotel”

Espresso has been firmly entrenched in the Australian coffee culture since World War II. As a café owner wishing to capitalize on this growing global trend, choosing the right espresso machine for your business may be the most daunting task of all. Types of Espresso Machines Based on your business preferences and customer needs, there are two general types of espresso machines to choose from. Super-Automatic This is the “do it all for you” machine and boasts the advantage of having the espresso machine do…Continue Reading “What Espresso Machine Is Right For Your Café”

“Every year an estimated 100,000 tonnes of commercial food waste is generated in South Australia by the hospitality sector and other businesses – and only 6000 tonnes is recycled or composted. Food that ends up in landfill creates methane – a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.” (Zero Waste SA, 2012) It is no secret that the food service industry is notorious for creating massive amounts of waste that ends up in the landfill. Alarming Amounts Of Food Wastage From alarming amounts…Continue Reading “Are Zero Waste Restaurants Really Possible?”

Lowering Penalty Rates The recent ruling by the Fair Work Commission to lower the Sunday penalty rates has brought celebration to small business owners throughout Australia. This decision couldn’t come soon enough for companies in the service industries of hospitality, fast food, retail, and pharmacy who have been at the mercy of inflated Sunday wage rates for quite some time. The Impact With this issue being main stage in the media over the past while, both sides of this issue have been passionate about sharing…Continue Reading “What Sunday Penalty Cuts Really Mean For Small Businesses”

In Hospitality you know that there are rarely weekends or evenings for operators and employees. In Hospitality when everyone else is enjoying holidays your working! This also means that you have to pay premium rates to employees who give up their holidays to work. No Break In Sight Also, recent news from the Sunday Morning Herald from the article, Full cuts to Sunday penalty rates delayed until 2020, stated that: “Fair Work Commission, has ruled that the reductions to existing penalty rates of up to…Continue Reading “3 Ways To Stay Open Late Without Losing Money”