Stand Out From the Crowd – 4 Ways to Make Your Café Shine

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So you are the new café in town and want to make your café shine. But you are situated between a big chain coffee shop and the trendy café on the corner.

What do you do to make your café stand out from the crowd?

Break out of the coffee culture mold and do your own thing.

Forget about the hanging lightbulbs, the arty blackboard menus, trendy couches, or the usual dried flowers in a jar.

This is typical cookie-cutter stuff for most cafés.

What is unique about your café? What is that magic sauce that will keep bringing customers back again and again?

Here are a few ideas to get your creative ideas flowing…

Being the little guy can work to your advantage

Promote that you are the little independent café on the block. Flaunt your individuality and what makes your café unique.

People love to support the underdog.

Take advantage of social media to stir up some media attention. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all good platforms to get people talking and attract new customers to your café.

Involve your customers

The most important element of café success is asking your customers what they want.

Not only does this pave the way for creating a loyal customer base but it also helps you stand out from the crowd by creating a café that is personalized from customers’ suggestions.

How cool is that! Be creative in how you ask for customer feedback.

A simple survey won’t cut it. Create a contest to name your café, create their own drink, or whatever suits their fancy.

Be original and bold.

Create your own signature drink or dish

I know this is a trick that a lot of cafés use.

However, it really does work.

Creating an original offering sets you apart from the rest and establishes you as an innovative leader in the café world.

What taste experience can you bring that will exhilarate your customers’ taste buds? Perhaps it’s your luscious raspberry syrup or dairy-free macadamia nut milk? Maybe it’s your great-grandmother’s famous date bar recipe with a twist. Gluten-free bliss. Experiment, share samples, and see what food will have your customers sprinting to your café.

Get involved in local causes and make it a part of your culture

Adding a dash of social purpose to your offerings will help define your café as a socially conscious eatery.

Seek out local charities that resonate with you and develop compassionate partnerships so you can best help and support them.

Involve your customers.

How can they help support the non-profit you have chosen?

Or better yet, ask your customers what local causes they would like to support?

Combining social value with delicious food and drinks is possible, and will help you shine light on people and causes that may not be getting the support and attention that they need.

Making your café shine will take some ingenuity, creativity, and hard work.

But by honoring your café’s own uniqueness and highlighting them with a few of the ideas mentioned will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.


5 Ways to Stand Out From the Specialty Coffee Shop Crowd

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