Food and Hospitality Trends to Watch For in 2018

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As we welcome in the new year, new and exciting trends in the hospitality industry are already beginning to leave their mark on the Australian scene.

The theme for 2018 is IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES.

Here are four exciting trends that are experience-driven and will keep customers coming back for more…
Food Festivals and Events – As consumers shift away from accumulating material goods and focus more on engaging in enticing experiences, food festivals will be a big hit for 2018.

Foodies will get the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the experience of food.

From unicorn-themed food festivals in Melbourne to Aboriginal bush food experiences in Sydney, people are eager to get their experiential appetite fulfilled through exciting and delightful food journeys.

Incorporating popular food events into your business plan for 2018 will be sure to capture the attention of many food lovers from around the world.

Destination Dining – Playing into the food journey theme, destination dining is becoming a popular alternative to city-based restaurant dining as more and more consumers are seeking to taste culinary creations outside of the city limits.

Going beyond the dash-in and dash-out type of experience, destination dining allows adventurous diners to fully immerse in the experience by travelling to the restaurant, connecting with the local culture, and enjoying the taste offerings in a relaxed and calm environment.

Consider Brae restaurant outside of Birregurra; a chic and upscale restaurant nestled into the hilltop upon a 30 acre organic farm. Focusing on locally sourced ingredients, diners can delight their palates with its seasonal menu and then follow their meal with a leisurely stroll through the restaurant’s gardens and natural surroundings.

Meaningful Travel – Mindful travellers are actively choosing travel experiences that are meaningful and fulfilling. In essence, they want their vacations to matter.

Moving beyond the all-inclusive vacations in hot destinations, modern travellers are seeking out vacations that will make a difference in their lives and cultivate lasting memories.

From multi-day excursions cycling along the Gold Coast, eco-travel volunteer vacations devoted to conserving and rehabilitating coastal areas in Western Australia, or river cruising through stunning gorges and lush wetlands in the Northern Territory with the entire family, travellers want more meaning in their travel experiences.

Community-Driven Hotel Experiences – Incorporating local culture and community within the hotel experience is a growing trend within the hospitality industry.

Hotel and resort staff are now expected to be quite knowledgeable about the local offerings within the community. Travellers are eager to explore and immerse themselves in the local community and often look to the hotel staff for guidance and suggestions.

From art festivals featuring local and revered artists, to tours with the owner of a local distillery or vineyard, or a book release party at a local bookstore, travellers are excited about soaking up the local culture and being immersed within the local community.

It is an essential part of their travel experience and hotels would be wise to partner up with local vendors within the surrounding community to offer these eclectic and enticing experiences to their customers.


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