3 Tips To Go From Customer Service To Delighting Guests

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Good customer service is at the cornerstone of any tourism and hospitality business, however, your goal shouldn’t be just good customer service.

Rather, your end goal should be to delight your customer.

Do you delight your customers? Do you want to know how?

When people come to your restaurant, or cafe, it’s not only a requirement to provide great customer service, you also want to delight so that your guests talk about their experiences to others.

When you do this, not only do your guests become lifetime guests, they also become fans.

Fans who bring new customers into your restaurant, or cafe on a regular basis.

So, what’s the difference between delighting versus customer service?

I’m going to show you 5 creative little tips on how you can go from customer service to delighting your customers.

1. Address Everyone At The Table

Always approach everyone on the table. Sometimes you get drawn into talking to just one person, especially if they’re a little bit demanding. But just give equal attention to everyone around the table.

This might be a tip that you may or may not already be doing but is often overlooked when wait staff are approaching a table.

How you address your guests at the table is a key way to delight every guest at the table.

2. Be Open And Honest

If there is a hold up in the kitchen don’t try and cover it up.

Be honest with your customers, delays are going to happen, it’s inevitable instead of covering it up by making up excuses just say something like this:

‘I’ve just been to check on where your starters are and they’re about four minutes away. The chef apologizes for the delay and they’ll be right with you. Can I get you anything else while you’re waiting?’

Instead of saying something like this:

‘the kitchen messed up’ or ‘they’re a man down and struggling.’

3. Attract The Right Staff

This is obviously a big one for your business and customer delight.

According to the Queensland Tourism Industry Council QTIC Tourism & Hospitality Best Practice Guide attracting the right staff is key to delighting customers.

How can you recruit the best staff that will be able to delight your customers?

Being Present At Expo’s

QTIC says that you should have a solid presence at different events where prospective employees are likely to see your company like Career Expo’s, such as the WorldSkills Australia’s Try’aSkill held in Brisbane and other expo’s across the state is an excellent way to attract potential candidates to your business.

Hosting Tourism Events

QTIC, also mentioned that Hosting Tourism and Queensland Events provides the Queensland tourism industry with the opportunity to showcase their products and experiences
to targeted international media and trade.

It is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, creating exposure for the supporting destinations and operators, and to your prospective employees.

Strong Branding

Make potential candidates aware of the benefits offered to work in your business.For example, opportunities for career progression, a set roster providing every second weekend off, or opportunities to work with and learn from well renowned industry professionals.


Businesses may partner with Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) to offer employees government funded training opportunities to gain formal, accredited qualifications (e.g. Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation).

Freebies For Your Guests

If you run into any issues with delayed service, for example, consider offering your guests something for free.

Remember, the key to delight is a long-term relationship.

As long as your team are educated about how much things cost within the business…this usually results in customer delight.

Remember, even if it’s a slight delay, or minor issue that your customer may not even notice, or complain about, anticipate their needs before they complain by offering a freebie.

I think that a complimentary something is worth every penny to the business if the guests leave happy.


There are many ways that you can move from just customer service to customer delight.

It just requires that extra step and when you make that extra effort the results will come in return guests and a steady flow of new customers.

Overall, think long-term guest relationship versus one time transaction.

If you are wondering how to go from customer service to delighting guests, or cafe use this guide as a reference.





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